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Dispatch Fromt he Future

Dispatch From the Future by Leigh Stein

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I don’t think I ever laughed with a poem. Sometimes I chuckle at a clever turn of phrase, or at a shared sentiment, or a little idiosyncrasy that I thought all my own, and though I laughed at that dirty limerick my friend wrote in fifth grade, I can still say Leigh Stein’s poetry actually elicited the kind of laughter that hurt my belly and made me want to say, “Leigh, stop, I can’t take anymore, but don’t really because, WOW!”


Praise For Dispatch From The Future


This month’s Rumpus Book Club selection – Leigh Stein’s Dispatch from the Future - gets an outstanding review from Guernica Magazine:

“Stein’s poems are the very perfect product of a frenetic in-between culture where knowledge is currency but also poverty, and its artistic output is underscored by a perennial ennui—like the girl in high school who wears a black beret and talks about death all the time.”

Also, be sure to watch the trailer for, as well as The Rumpus’ own Brian Spears reading from, Stein’s book here.


Leigh Stein at BOMBLOG


This week’s installment of BOMB’s Word Choice” is four poems by Leigh Stein, whose new collection, Dispatch from the Future, launches July 19th at Melville House.

The poems, like Stein’s debut novel, The Fallback Plana depiction of after-college limbo—strike a powerful balance between humor and melancholy, reference and storytelling.