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The Saturday Rumpus Review of The Martian


It is the story of an astronaut stranded on Mars for about a year, all by himself. ...more


The Rumpus Interview with Tomi Ungerer


Writer and illustrator Tomi Ungerer discusses his exile in Ireland, being a target of censorship, and his work's recent resurgence of popularity in the US. ...more

Ari Messer: The Last Book I Loved, Ablutions


Why is the second person such a natural and addictive tense–perhaps the only honest one–when writing about drug abuse and a foggy recovery?

For years, you haven’t been able to stop asking this question. Reading Patrick deWitt’s Ablutions: Notes for a Novel, you are asking it again, vocally (a real dinner-party silencer), by mistake or with motivations hidden from even yourself.


Using Genre As A Tool


“But the idea that genre is a tool, not a prophecy goes beyond combating genre snobbery, I think — it’s actually helpful for writers to think about when crafting their next novel.

Just because there’s this marvelous tool for helping readers to understand your story, doesn’t mean your story has to be crafted around the tool.”

At io9, they’re talking about the advantages of using genre as a tool, especially in regards to sci-fi.