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The Rumpus Interview with Joe Ide


Joe Ide discusses his debut novel, IQ his writing process, and why he enjoys fly fishing. ...more

Swinging Modern Sounds #77: People Give Me Things, Part One


[T]he thing about receiving music from other people is this: there is always some grace associated with the transaction. ...more

The Palm Tree Falls into the Sea


We regularly turn to Aquarium Drunkard for its mixtapes, and this week the site has released another perfect moodscape for the season. The Palm Tree Falls into the Sea: An August Mixtape is the end-of-summer jammer you’re searching for, with songs from Alice Coltrane, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Chuck Berry, the Raincoats, Lucinda Williams, Arthur Russell, Brian Eno… just listen; it’s perfect.


Swinging Modern Sounds #67: The Franchise Restaurants of Song


Musician Owen Ashworth on his new album, Nephew in the Wild, literary influences, self-expression in songwriting, and how becoming a father has changed his work. ...more

The Rumpus Interview with Megan Kruse


Author Megan Kruse talks about her debut novel, Call Me Home, queer characters in rural places, sibling relationships, and how the music of Lucinda Williams inspires her. ...more