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What to Read When the World Is Unreliable


Instead of sorting through all the crazy news stories this weekend, we suggest taking a break with some unreliable narrators in a few far more worthwhile novels. ...more

Down the Rabbit Hole of Experimental Fiction: Michael J. Seidlinger on Becoming a Reader


Michael J. Seidlinger discusses returning to House of Leaves for Ig Publishing’s "Bookmarked" series. ...more

Playing a Book


When I got older, I discovered that this sense of play wasn’t limited to the young. There were plenty of adults out there writing radically experimental books formally guided by the notion that a book could be more than a book—it could be a vexing puzzle, a winding labyrinth, a stubborn gauntlet, a spooky carnival full of creaky rides, even a sandbox.


The Rumpus Interview with Mark Danielewski


Mark Danielewski talks about the "maddening energy of violence" and why he’s writing a 27–volume novel, starting with his first 850-page installment in the series, The Familiar, Volume 1: One Rainy Day in May. ...more