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Notable Los Angeles: 10/30–11/5


Literary events and readings in and around L.A. this week! ...more

What to Read When the World Is Unreliable


Instead of sorting through all the crazy news stories this weekend, we suggest taking a break with some unreliable narrators in a few far more worthwhile novels. ...more

Down the Rabbit Hole of Experimental Fiction: Michael J. Seidlinger on Becoming a Reader


Michael J. Seidlinger discusses returning to House of Leaves for Ig Publishing’s "Bookmarked" series. ...more

Playing a Book


When I got older, I discovered that this sense of play wasn’t limited to the young. There were plenty of adults out there writing radically experimental books formally guided by the notion that a book could be more than a book—it could be a vexing puzzle, a winding labyrinth, a stubborn gauntlet, a spooky carnival full of creaky rides, even a sandbox.


The Rumpus Interview with Mark Danielewski


Mark Danielewski talks about the "maddening energy of violence" and why he’s writing a 27–volume novel, starting with his first 850-page installment in the series, The Familiar, Volume 1: One Rainy Day in May. ...more