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Without You

When Marketing Trumps Truth


This is how gay-male-identifying, biological women become straight chicks. Investigative journalism morphs into emotional memoir. ...more

Laura van den Berg

The Rumpus Interview with Laura van den Berg


Author Laura van den Berg talks to the Rumpus about why she thinks America is obsessed with dystopias, the intersection of surrealism and realism in her work, and choosing an ambiguous ending for her new novel, Find Me. ...more

Post-Young, A New Blog By Jerry Stahl


“Dip a senior hammer-toe in the pool, and pretty soon you’re sucked in. An entire parallel universe is devoted to the Reluctant Elderly –  from senior swing parties to Testosterone doctors, who’ll give you the body of a young Dolph Lungren, even if they can’t do anything about the fact that your ear lobes now hang down to your shoulders.