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The Rumpus Interview with Ottessa Moshfegh


Ottessa Moshfegh discusses her first full-length novel, Eileen, betrayal, self-aware narrators, and the catalytic properties of friendship. ...more

Writing Through History


Ottessa Moshfegh views the past as a sort of fiction—she didn’t live it, so in a way, it is fiction to her. This view informs both her novels, which are full of deeply flawed characters and rich details. 

But writing Eileen, set in 1960s New England, was fraught for the author:

I had to deal with what it meant to have my name on something, what it means to be a voice in the world, and the kind of voice I wanted to be.


The Rumpus Book Club Chat with Ottessa Moshfegh


Ottessa Moshfegh talks about her book McGlue, inventing a character from an 1850s newspaper article, and revisiting her work years after she finished writing it. ...more