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Rumpus Original Fiction: Swans and Other Lies


As she presses against Patterson, she feels her feet softening, losing gravity. He’s embracing her, willing her to disappear, swallowing her. ...more

Wanted/Needed/Loved: Sonny Smith’s Skate Zine


In one way or another we all tell stories to ourselves about who we are. ...more

It’s Happening: L7 Reunion Tour


The formative LA group started talking about a tour with all original members at the end of last year, later coming out with a teaser trailer and plans for a documentary in the works. Sure enough, it’s all happening: tour dates are official, cover a lot of ground, and tickets might not be available for long, so get on it now if you want to catch this all-female lineup that inspired like-minded women to make riot grrrl happen.