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Swinging Modern Sounds #80: I Just Don’t Want to Wait Around Anymore


Mulcahy’s Possum is, like the animal titularly referred to, a sly and imaginative affair... ...more

The Saturday Rumpus Essay: 69 Love Songs


Everywhere people are shoving things into the ground—time capsules not to be opened until the year 2100, the more optimistic postmarked for 3000—letters to the future in the language of the now. ...more

The Rumpus Interview with Christopher Bollen


Author Christopher Bollen talks about his sophomore novel, Orient, secrets and privacy, sexual orientation in fiction, and the lost art of the whodunit mystery. ...more

Song of the Day: “Fall On Me”


The pioneering alternative rock band R.E.M. officially disbanded in 2011, after more than 30 years making music that defied description. Allegedly, singer Michael Stipe chose the band’s name in 1980 by picking it at random from a dictionary. The reference to “rapid eye movement”—a stage of deep sleep—is particularly apropos to the beautiful and sprightly song “Fall On Me,” which fuses catchy harmonies with figurative and allusive lyrics.