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The Sunday Rumpus Interview: Jill Talbot


The author of The Way We Weren’t talks about why she decided to write about being a single mother, the effect it's had on her daughter, and the adjunct crisis. ...more

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The Rumpus Late Nite Poetry Show #11: Cate Marvin


In Episode 11 of The Rumpus Late Nite Poetry Show, Cate Marvin discusses her new collection, Oracle, marsupials, and why she'll never write a prose poem. ...more

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The Saturday Rumpus Interview: Tamara Winfrey-Harris


The reality is that there is privilege even within social justice movements. ...more

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The Saturday Rumpus Essay: O Martyr My Martyr!


In most communities, teachers are compensated so poorly and afforded so little respect that in many cases the primary compensation is martyrdom. ...more

The World of Mommy Bloggers


Mommy blogging has not, of course, been a panacea, remedying women’s undervaluation. In keeping with certain political ideals of the time, the Wages for Housework campaign sought to redistribute wealth more fairly. Mommy blogging, by contrast, offers rewards that only a few can reap—a divergence that mirrors the economic inequality that is the shameful signature of our time.


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The Rumpus Interview with Maggie Nelson


Author Maggie Nelson talks about matrophobia, “sodomitical maternity,” breaking down categories between genres of writing, and her new book, The Argonauts. ...more

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Growing Up: The Rumpus Interview with Michelle Tea


Michelle Tea discusses life in recovery, the meaning of family, motherhood, and her new memoir How to Grow Up. ...more

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The Saturday Rumpus Essay: The (Online) Stories We Tell


Sometimes you want to dream about the life you didn’t get to have. Sometimes you want to see the life you were lucky to escape. ...more

Laura van den Berg

The Rumpus Interview with Laura van den Berg


Author Laura van den Berg talks to the Rumpus about why she thinks America is obsessed with dystopias, the intersection of surrealism and realism in her work, and choosing an ambiguous ending for her new novel, Find Me. ...more


The Rumpus Interview with Elisa Albert


Elisa Albert discusses her new novel, After Birth, postpartum depression, childbearing, and the misogyny of modern medicine in pathologizing the normal processes of birth and the female body. ...more

Where No Man’s Gone Before


Photographer Lynsey Addario is profiled by the Columbia Journalism Review; the piece highlights her work as a voice for Pakistani refugees, US marines, and Syrian war casualties—all while balancing her life as a mom:

The photo of the Syrian teenager with the baby captures exactly the kind of moment that Addario claims to grasp more fully now that she is a mother herself.


Weekend Rumpus Roundup


Kristina Marie Darling’s poetry collection, Fortress, is “image-rich” and wonderfully allusive. The setting is the famously decadent palace of Versailles. Like the film Marie Antoinette, “Darling’s book is simultaneously excess and desolation,” writes Sandra Marchetti. White spaces are used strategically in this “lush” book of poems.


Biss, Eula

The Big Idea #10: Eula Biss


On Immunity author Eula Biss speaks to Suzanne Koven about mythology, personal freedom, and the history of vaccines. ...more