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Titanic Turns Twenty in a World That Won’t Talk About It


After twenty years and eleven Oscars and eleventy billion dollars, we still don’t really talk about Titanic. ...more

Home Is Here


There is no singular Muslim story, no definitive identity for the entire religion. [...] Here, four women discuss what it's like to be a minority in America in 2017, post-9/11 and post-Trump. ...more

The Saturday Rumpus Essay: Growing Up Gaming


“Is this inclusive or exclusive?” he asked with a creased brow. “I don’t like the idea that we’re being treated as a joke.” ...more

YA Television


This summer’s debate over young adult literature has raised questions ranging from whether adults should read YA to what even counts as thee genre in the first place. The New Yorker’s television critic Emily Nussbaum extends these questions to the world of television, where adolescent dramas have had a different impact on the development and survival of the medium:

This debate has focused on books.