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The Rumpus Interview with Vi Khi Nao


Vi Khi Nao on her new novel Fish in Exile, why women shouldn't apologize (even when they're wrong), moving between genres, and why humor is vital in a novel full of darkness and grief. ...more

crystal ball feature

Wishing and Hoping: Card Tricks, Love Spells, and Methods of Escape


I’ll go one further and posit that we need our illusionists: to disprove our eyes, investigate our dreams, and sometimes charm the money from our pockets. ...more


The Rumpus Interview with Ravi Shankar


Ravi Shankar discusses Singaporean poetry in the last fifty years, Hindu mythology, translation, and his complicated relationship to his heritage. ...more

Dasgupta feature



I closed my laptop. I thought of words such as “contexts” and “perspectives.” The next morning, I checked out an armload of books from the university library. I had to learn to defend Durga. ...more

Origins of the “Fantasy North”


E.R. Truitt writes for Aeon on the long history of the “Fantasy North,” the lands, people, and culture at the top of the world that have fascinated pop culture for centuries. Truitt also marks the points in history when the rugged, independent peoples of the Fantasy North became the chosen image of white supremacy movements in North America and Europe.


Myth Remaking


For Lit Hub, Michele Filgate interviews Lidia Yuknavitch on her new novel, The Small Backs of Children, to explore the idea of new symbols and mythology for contemporary culture:

I’m not clear why we have to limit ourselves to old myths without creating new ones… I have no allegiance to locating myth in the past, like it’s locked in petroglyphs or something.


Marina Warner

The Rumpus Interview with Marina Warner


Marina Warner's work often focuses on mythology and the deconstruction of “myths of the feminine,” from Mother Goose, to the Virgin Mary, to Joan of Arc, and more. Here, the cultural historian talks about her latest work, Stranger Magic: Charmed States and the Arabian Nights, and her passion for the art of myth. ...more