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The Rumpus Interview with Robert Repino


Robert Repino talks about his debut novel, Mort(e), the publishing industry, science fiction and literary fiction, writing about religion, and how to write about complex chemical ant languages. ...more

‘The The Angels Angels’ & Other Astrophysicist Baseball Observations


Neil deGrasse Tyson (Astrophysicist, American Museum of Natural History. Author: Space Chronicle, The Pluto Files. Host: StarTalk Radio) on Baseball:

> Tonight’s @AllStarGame compells me to Tweet what Baseball looks like through the lens of an astrophysicist…

> In the 1960s, when we still dreamed, we named a dome, a baseball team, and even the artificial turf they played on “Astro”

> If baseball reported averages to 4 decimal places instead of 3, then a three-hundred hitter would be batting “three thousand”