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Guns N' Roses -Paradise City | Rumpus Music

Songs of Our Lives: Guns N’ Roses’s “Paradise City”


When people asked what I was going to do after high school, I said, “Leave town.” I wasn’t kidding. I hadn’t applied to a single college. ...more

This Week in Posivibes: Omni


The Atlanta-based post-punk band is releasing their first album, Deluxe, on July 8th and have been garnering anticipatory kudos around the Internet. Raven Sings the Blues wrote, “All the songs on their debut, Deluxe are bent and battered into metal shapes, though it’s their vocals that betray their new wave nods under the veneer of true grit punk spirit,” and Pitchfork noted that the group has “caught that essential combination of steely rigor and fiery energy, ripping out quick gems that exude control without sacrificing guts.” The trio includes Frankie Broyles (formerly of Deerhunter), Billy Mitchell, and Philip Frobos (of Carnivores).


Sound & Vision: Tim Barnes


Internationally recognized percussionist, composer, sound designer, and audio archivist Tim Barnes talks with Allyson McCabe about how his musical career has developed and changed, and what he's up to now. ...more

Wanted/Needed/Loved: Sonny Smith’s Skate Zine


In one way or another we all tell stories to ourselves about who we are. ...more