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The Final Girl


I wanted to be scared because being terrified taught me how to survive. ...more

The Dark All Around Us


There is still light in the dark. This is the paradox that Little Bear has to accept in order to fall asleep. ...more

The Rumpus Interview with Jerald Walker


Jerald Walker discusses his memoir, The World in Flames: A Black Boyhood in a White Supremacist Doomsday Cult, the story of his childhood in The Worldwide Church of God, and how the act of writing delivered him from bitterness. ...more



The tragedy of a mentally ill mind or a richly realized fantasy is that its world exists only for its inventor. It is the loneliest party, the most isolating game. ...more

Writing in the Discomfort Zone


Traumatic experiences can elicit strong reactions from readers, but first writers must overcome the challenge of confronting the emotionally uncomfortable situation. At Beyond the Margins, Juliette Fay describes writing from her discomfort zone:

I learned more about the gruesomely creative ways in which humans can inflict harm on one another than I ever wanted to know in a hundred lifetimes.