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The Rumpus Interview with Stacy Szymaszek


Poet Stacy Szymaszek discusses her most recent collection, Journal of Ugly Sites & Other Journals, the "notebook genre," and claiming a city—ugly sites and all. ...more

Taking on Your Shelf of Blank Notebooks


At Catapult, Rachel Vorona Cote takes readers down a path of struggle that far too many writers walk, but aren’t always able to talk about or understand. In “Black Books and Letting the Ink Dry,” Vorona Cote looks at the “paradox of the blank book”:

The paradox of the blank book is this: It invites our most intimate scribbles while its creamy, pristine pages cast doubt upon the merit of our words.


David Biespiel’s Poetry Wire: Defeat


It never occurred to me to try to write poems without the guidance of other poets and poems. ...more