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The Text Is My Body: A Conversation with Gabrielle Civil


Performance artist and poet Gabrielle Civil discusses her book, Swallow the Fish, how technology has shaped reactions to female nudity, and the importance of risking change. ...more

Readers Report: The Emperor’s New Clothes


A collection of short pieces written by Rumpus readers pertaining to the subject of “The Emperor's New Clothes.” ...more

Paper Trumpets #3: Try Telling the Lady


I almost ran this collage last week but thought it might’ve been early to spring nudity on you. Since this is the third installment of Paper Trumpets (our third date!), I decided that now is the time. I hope you still respect me in the morning. ...more

Trouble In Nipple Paradise


The New Yorker recently posted a cartoon which features a naked, and post-coital, Adam and Eve to their Facebook page. What resulted was a kerfuffle between the magazine and social media site over their nudity regulation policies. Specifically, Facebook took issue with Eve’s cartoon nipples, leading to the magazine’s Facebook page being temporarily shut down.