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The Rumpus Interview with Brian Booker


Brian Booker discusses his debut collection Are You Here For What I’m Here For?, giving characters strange and unusual names, and sleeping sickness. ...more


The Rumpus Interview with Paula Whyman


Paula Whyman discusses her debut collection You May See a Stranger, discovering truth in fiction, and how memory interferes with good storytelling. ...more

Oliver Sacks: Scientist, Seer, Sympathizer


Oliver Sacks brought neuroscience closer to popular understanding and in turn, brought people closer to each other. At The Toast, Laura Passin’s thoughtful tribute to Sacks by way of memoir:

What he conveys in so many of his great case studies–is not a lurid thrill at the exotic mental experience, but an urgent need to reassess what we know about being human… Maybe it’s my own idiosyncrasies talking, but nothing could have had a greater impact on my ability to connect with my mother than to think of us as living in slightly askew universes.


Migraines, Music, and Drugs: Oliver Sacks on Hallucinations


NPR Books has a fascinating interview with Oliver Sacks on his new book Hallucinations.

An excerpt on hallucinations during migraines:

…At least on two occasions, I’ve had a smell — in particular a smell of hot buttered toast — with a strong sense that I was about 3 years old, being put in a high chair, and about to be given hot buttered toast.