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What to Read When You Need to Understand Corrupt Families


As we wait for the latest Trump crisis-slash-scandal to shake out, here is a list of great books about terrible families. ...more

The Read Along: Laura Goode


Jesus Christ, this book is like, Toni Morrison/Susan Sontag good. This book is first viewing of Beyoncé's Lemonade good. This book is Simone Biles good. ...more

VISIBLE: Women Writers of Color: Jaquira Díaz


Jaquira Díaz discusses the challenge of writing about family members, her greatest joy as a writer, and her literary role models. ...more

No Magic, Just Reality


While most of the world lauds Gabriel García Márquez as a literary genius, those from his hometown of Aracataca (on which Macondo in One Hundred Years of Solitude is based), feel little more than an abiding resentment. The author was in a position to help the town—many of its residents don’t have access to clean water—but did nothing:

García Márquez approved final blueprints for [a García Márquez] museum from his home in Mexico City but provided no other input or financial or public support.