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Lady Killers and Our Obsession with Murder: Talking with Tori Telfer


Tori Telfer discusses her first book Lady Killers and the fragile "social saran wrap" that keeps us all from killing each other. ...more

Family Is the Deepest Scar: Minae Mizumura’s Inheritance from Mother

Reviewed By

With each word, I found myself thinking of my own grandmother’s journey, escaping war to America with no money, no education, and six children, the pain of this experience inevitably hardening the whole family. ...more

We Brown Women


Our bodies will not be your banners. We are not yours to use and abuse, we are not yours to dupe. We see through your words, and we see your violence. ...more

The Rumpus Interview with Adam Morris


Adam Morris discusses Quiet Creature on the Corner, a novel he translated from the Brazilian by João Gilberto Noll, the choices he makes as a translator, and the unique narrative structure of Noll’s writing. ...more

The Rumpus Review of Mustang: Five French Girls Walk into an Anatolian Village