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Sylvia Plath and Reclaiming the Gaze


Perhaps as women we are always trying to record the gaze. Marginalized people are often asked to validate our distrust, trepidation, and fear. ...more

The Saturday Rumpus Review: Carol


Carol is a powerful woman with enviable self-knowledge, effortlessly creating an erotic, sensual ideal of herself as a covert spectacle for queer midcentury women. ...more

The Rumpus Interview with Jamie Kornegay


Novelist Jamie Kornegay talks about his debut, Soil, life in Mississippi, writing humor effectively, and the geography of isolation. ...more

This Week in Short Fiction: Thus Were Their Faces by Silvina Ocampo


Probably more than anything else, sheer curiosity propels readers through [Silvina Ocampo's] stories. ...more

You Might Never Find Your Way Back: Shirley Jackson’s Hangsaman


There are other odd, improbable, tenuous connections, as if Hangsaman had a secret way of speaking to (or through) other artifacts beyond its time. ...more

When The Rent’s Due Soon


“After opening my post on many mornings, I indulge in a few minutes of anguish and muted screams, then devote the next hour or more, if necessary, to tackling the mess.

When I have satisfied myself that I have done the best I can by letter and telephone, I stand up from my desk and try to pretend I am not me, that I have no problems, that the past hour or more has not really happened, because I have to think myself into a state of innocence and the absence of worries of any kind in order to work.