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The Single Most Important Thing: Talking Sports and Writing with Sridhar Pappu


Sridhar Pappu discusses his first book, The Year of the Pitcher, writing it over six years, and the roots of his baseball fandom. ...more

The Sunday Rumpus Essay: I Died of Dysentery


The glorious ways we fifth graders died in Mr. Mosher’s computer class. We strove to die in the most imaginable permutations possible. ...more

Can Poptimism Save Literary Culture?


Literary criticism suffers from elitism, claims Elisabeth Donnelly over at Flavorwire, and the solution is introducing a poptimism revolution. The term poptimism originated in the music world as a reaction to stodgy music reviewers’ love of Bob Dylan and “argues for a more inclusive view of what matters and what’s pleasurable in music.” Donnelly insists that book reviewers and literary culture could stand to benefit from a wider audience by embracing popular books.