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President of Smut


Our country has always been ruled by and for the privileged, but never has this glaring injustice in the system been made so shamelessly clear. ...more

Binary States of America: A Letter to Obama


In the end, although I wanted you to be more like Charles Bronson or Malcolm or Luke Cage, I am very proud to have witnessed your historic presidency—the successes, and even the disappointments. ...more

Poem of the Day: “An American Poem” by Eileen Myles


Eileen Myles has been a badass writer for a while now; she tears down what needs be torn down, unapologetically, and fosters a communal feeling, inspiring others to do the same. During the time this poem was published in Not Me, Myles famously ran for president in a write-in campaign—and for many, Maggie Nelson among them, Myles is absolutely our president.