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The Sunday Rumpus Interview: Patrick O’Neil


Patrick O'Neil talks about his debut memoir Gun Needle Spoon, being big in France, the drug/recovery genre, and writing through trauma. ...more

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The Rumpus Late Nite Poetry Show #8: Beth Bachmann


In Episode 8 of The Rumpus Late Nite Poetry Show, poet Beth Bachmann chats about her new collection, Do Not Rise, Dolly Parton, and the demands of lyric poetry. ...more




I visit him on Tuesday nights at the only time they’ll let me see him. I show the receptionist my driver’s license, confirm my social security number and home address, and sign my name on a dotted line.


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That’s Life


I want to write the world off as brutish and cruel, to go all Gordon Gecko, or maybe Don Draper, to stop worrying about the people around me and start looking out for number one, maybe learn Parkour, or at the very least learn to throw a punch ...more