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Notable San Francisco: 10/18–10/24


Literary events and readings in and around the Bay Area this week! ...more

Death, Satan, and Cats: A Conversation with Rabih Alameddine


Rabih Alameddine discusses his newest novel, The Angel of History, surviving the AIDS epidemic, and the role of religion in his life and writing. ...more

TORCH: An Alien, Ineligible for Participation


That a bumbling demagogue would be able to take this institutional racism and weaponize it is, then, not really a surprise. The seeds for this hate were planted a long time ago. ...more

The Rumpus Interview with Annie Liontas


Annie Liontas talks about her debut novel Let Me Explain You, crafting voices, and the benefits—and occasional pitfalls—of returning to get an MFA after years of writing in the dark. ...more

“The Labor of Reconsideration”


For the Millions, Philip Graham considers how childhood traumas can inspire art. In his exploration, Graham looks to works by John Gardner, Rabih Alameddine, and James Baldwin, authors who confront “psychic wounds” and use writing as a method of healing:

We writers are used to looking back, locating in our rough drafts any glimmer that might show the way forward.