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The Rumpus Poetry Book Club Chat with Chris Santiago


Chris Santigo on his new collection Tula, writing a multilingual text, and the connections between music and writing poetry. ...more

Discovering Septimania


I set off for Rome with my fiddle and a backpack, planning to busk as long as the tourists could stand it. ...more

The Rumpus Interview with Terese Svoboda


Poet Terese Svoboda talks about her biography of the socialist-anarchist firebrand and modernist poet Lola Ridge, Anything That Burns You, and remembers a time when the political was printed in newspapers. ...more

The Rumpus Poetry Book Club Chat with Sandra Beasley


The Rumpus Poetry Book Club chats with Sandra Beasley about her new book Count the Waves, sestinas, and how actions can serve as signposts in the time stream. ...more

How Not to Write a Book Review


Robert Pinksy, writing at Slate, reintroduces us to John Wilson Croker and John Gibson Lockhart, two critics who hated John Keats. Croker loathed Keats so badly that he’s most remembered for this review, and that’s something, given that he also may have invented the term “conservative.”

Pinksy uses these two men as a jumping off point for a short talk on how to write (or not to write) a book review, and I have to say that in general, the advice is reasonably solid, though I wonder if Pinsky has ever read any of of our HORN!