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Notable NYC: 11/25–12/1


Literary events and readings in and around New York City this week! ...more

Spotlight: A Poetry Comics Discussion


Amy Fusselman gathers four writer-artists working in the poetry comics genre to discuss the emerging form. ...more

A Visual Guide for “How to Be Perfect”


Count among your true friends people of various stations of life.
Do not exclaim, “Isn’t technology wonderful!”
Learn how to whistle at earsplitting volume.

Still hunting for a good New Year’s resolution? No worries! Over at the Paris Review, Rumpus illustrator Jason Novak has endeavored to help you out with some visual inspiration, taking a pen and a sketchpad to Ron Padgett’s poem “How to Be Perfect.”


The Rumpus Interview with Colin D. Halloran


Writer and former US Army infantryman Colin D. Halloran on his new collection, Icarian Flux, how he used experimental narrative to explore his life with PTSD, and why he doesn't want to be known only as a "war poet." ...more