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Hearse and Home: How Stephen King Saved My Girlhood


Down the steps of the second-story apartment above the hearse garage and across the alley was the library. ...more

Writing Romance: The Rumpus Interview with Sonali Dev


Sonali Dev talks about her latest novel, A Change of Heart, the romance genre, writing non-white characters, and the parallels between writing and architectural design. ...more

The Rumpus Interview with Paula Whyman


Paula Whyman discusses her debut collection You May See a Stranger, discovering truth in fiction, and how memory interferes with good storytelling. ...more

The Rumpus Three-Way Interview: An Incomplete Catharsis


Carmiel Banasky, Alexandra Kleeman, and Matthew Salesses on their new novels, writing from a place of tension, and how our writing changes as we do. ...more

YA’s Last Taboo


Sex scenes in YA, the kind that (gulp) turn us on and make our cheeks flush and get our hearts racing, have never been more important than they are now. Stories that give protagonists flesh and bone and heart and all that goes with being in a body also give us a portrait of sexual intimacy born of desire, of need for one’s partner, of passionate love and want and its fulfillment, of playfulness and fun and joy.