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Super Hot Prof-on-Student Word Sex #12: Antonia Crane, The Dirty Dozenth


And this is precisely why I was so entirely blown away by Antonia Crane’s new memoir, Spent, which chronicles her dark and twisted path through the above horrors with remarkable elegance and restraint. To be honest: it’s pretty fucking annoying how elegant and restrained the book is. ...more

The Changing Face of Sex Work


A University of Chicago survey found that fewer men are paying for sex—or did it?

In an interview with Slate‘s Amanda Hess, Post Whore America blogger Melissa Gira Grant takes a second look at the survey results and challenges the idea that “reducing the incidence of sex work is a good thing”:

I think what too many people mean when they say they want to reduce sex work is that they don’t want to drive by a motel where they think sex work happens, or they don’t want to come across sex ads online….They’re letting how sex work makes them feel override reality, and they’re missing the point.


“A Sex Work Testament from Someone Outside the Movement”


Emotions tend to run high around controversial confessional writer Marie Calloway’s blunt descriptions of sex, but few have discussed her exploration of sex work.

Enter sex-worker blog Tits & Sass, where two editors had a conversation about the feelings of recognition (and, sometimes, second-hand embarrassment) they had while reading about Calloway’s adventures as a “newbie hooker.”

It’s well worth a read, even if you think you’ve had enough Calloway coverage.



Here Comes the Girl


I didn’t analyze production levels or consider marketing strategies. I didn’t say to myself, “Tonight you’re going to get with the jack-off program.” I was a dime-a-dozen girl doing a customer service job, and that job demanded more and more of me whether I liked it or not. ...more

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I developed my first and only porn star crush on Princess Donna. I watched her videos and read her blog and imagined that one day we would meet and she would publicly disgrace me like she publicly disgraced models. ...more


The Other One Percent


I’m at NYU Dental waiting to get a cavity filled. I’m at NYU Dental because I’m poor, although if I were really poor — I am thinking — I wouldn’t be at a dentist at all. I happen to be reading Michelle Tea’s Without a Net, the first time I have ever read literature about the experience of growing up poor.