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Dispatches from the Swamp: The Absolute Necessity of Softball


And then one guy on his team yells, “You have to touch the bases, buddy! This is still America!” That is all it takes. For one guy on the other side to put country over party. ...more

The Saturday Rumpus Essay: The Savage Mind, Pt. 1


The violence came in and we were not just in danger of being victims of it. We were in danger of being violent ourselves. ...more

This Week in Short Fiction


This is supposed to be a story.

This is the first sentence of “The Alive Sister,” a powerful new work of flash fiction by Megan Giddings published at The Offing on Monday. In it, two little black girls are playing an imaginary game with foam bats in a park.


The Rumpus Interview with Garth Risk Hallberg


Garth Risk Hallberg talks about his debut, City on Fire, living in New York City now and in the ’70s, and the anxiety and gratitude you feel when your first novel generates so much buzz. ...more