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Wanted/Needed/Loved: Weyes Blood’s Mysterious Kris


To this day no one really knows where my kris came from or whether or not it’s a significant part of my family history, if it’s a random object or an heirloom with an untold story. ...more

The Rumpus Interview with Monica Sok


Monica Sok discusses her award-winning poetry chapbook Year Zero, her interest in Southeast Asian history, and living in isolation. ...more

The Perfect Body


In this essay, Larissa Pham gives her readers a clear look into the nitty gritty details of her childhood.

In Southeast Asia, as in ballet, femininity is quiet, graceful, small, and strong. There are certain conventions: my Vietnamese mother kept my hair short until it grew thick enough to be deemed beautiful when past my shoulders; even now, at the age of twenty, I keep it long enough for strangers to take notice.