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Mr. Clarke, the Real Hero of Stranger Things


He’s the teacher who encourages questions beyond the class assessment, who always gets his students to open the “Curiosity Door.” ...more

The Rumpus Interview With Alejandro Zambra


Alejandro Zambra discusses his latest book, Multiple Choice, inspired by the Chilean exam administered to students seeking college admission ...more

Reading Outside the Curriculum


Unseen, a literary magazine founded by Singaporean university students, wants us to release ourselves from “the pressure-cooker environment of examinations” and all the literature we’re required to read for them. The Unseen creators believe that reading outside of the curriculum encourages literary creativity and exploration, and want to spread the wealth to their peers everywhere.


The Saturday Rumpus Essay: O Martyr My Martyr!


In most communities, teachers are compensated so poorly and afforded so little respect that in many cases the primary compensation is martyrdom. ...more