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The Business of Making Art: A Conversation with Beatriz Ramos


Beatriz Ramos discusses DADA, the digital platform she hopes will democratize art and reimagine the Internet's potential for visual artists. ...more

The Eternal Hunt for Relevance: Doree Shafrir Discusses Startup


Doree Shafrir discusses her debut novel, Startup, the differences between journalism and fiction, and why she chose to tell this particular story. ...more

How Writing Helped Connu’s Founders with Business


Last year, writers Susannah Luthi and Niree Perian launched Connu, a sort of literary magazine in app form that curates short stories for readers. (We blogged about their Kickstarter campaign back in June.)

You’d think creating apps and writing fiction would go together like water and oil, but Luthi says it was actually surprisingly helpful to approach business from a writing background:

I’ll paraphrase John Trimble’s Writing with Style: What you build (or write) should be worth people’s attention.