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The Rumpus Interview with Sanae Ishida


Sanae Ishida discusses her debut children's book, Little Kunoichi, The Ninja Girl, embracing her creativity after years in the corporate world, and finding inspiration in her young daughter. ...more


The Saturday Rumpus Interview: Jennifer Baker


The more variation we see in life, the more it becomes less about seeing one type of book by marginalized people. ...more


The Rumpus Interview with Antonio Ruiz-Camacho


Author Antonio Ruiz-Camacho speaks about his new collection, Barefoot Dogs, breakthrough stories, the writing process, and why translating his book for readers in Mexico feels like a homecoming. ...more

Ishmael’s Hot Line


Step #1.
Call Ishmael’s number: 774.325.0503.
It goes straight to voicemail.

Step #2.
Listen to Ishmael’s short answering machine message. It changes weekly.

Step #3.
Leave a voicemail about a book you love and a story you have lived.

Have a personal story linked to a book you love that you’re eager to share with the world?


Facebook as Storytelling Medium


From the epic poems of old to postmodernist novels, humans have always told stories.

For the Millions, Annie Abrams looks at how Facebook affects our storytelling, applying narrative/literary insights from folks like J. M. Coetzee and Ralph Waldo Emerson. A preview:

What happens, though, to the identities we take on in moments of freedom from the sort of temporality Facebook advocates — the first two weeks of college; a short affair with someone regrettable while traveling; isolated months spent thinking about a dissertation?


Do Likable Characters Equal Likable Stories?


I wonder if that is the case for many of us. Perhaps, in the widespread longing for likable characters, there is this: a desire, through fiction, for contact with what we’ve armored ourselves against in the rest of our lives, a desire to be reminded that it’s possible to open our eyes, to see, to recognize our solitude — and at the same time to not be entirely alone.