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What to Read When You Need More Anne Shirley in Your Life


Today, the new series Anne with an E premieres on Netflix. Here's a list of books for times when you need a strong female protagonist like Anne Shirley. ...more

Anna March’s Reading Mixtape #29: Literary Bitches


All too often, it gets hurled at strong women like a boulder of hate tied up with a big red misogynistic bow. ...more

Winning the Game of Thrones Like a Girl


The days of testosterone-fueled warmongering are long past. Instead, at the end of Season 6, the queens reign, stronger than ever. ...more

Why Some Voices Are “Stronger” than Others in YA Lit


At the School Library Journal, Kelly Jensen examines gender norms and double standards in YA fiction, questioning which female protagonists we refer to as “strong”—and why do not refer to male voices as such:

When women take risks in their writing, when they choose to write female-driven narratives with take-no-bull girls who may not care at all whether you like them or not, they’re not seen as brave.


The Rumpus Interview with Daniel José Older


Author Daniel José Older talks about his new novel, Shadowshaper, noir influence in urban fantasy, gentrification, white privilege and the publishing industry, and why we need diverse books, now more than ever. ...more