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S'morez - The Recipe | Rumpus Music

Meet the Internet’s Strangest Rap Enigma


S’morez is a young rapper from New Jersey with an all but exclusively online presence, and in June last year he put out one of the strangest mixtapes of 2016, The Recipe. ...more

The Unbearable Whiteness of Being: Claudia Cortese Discusses Wasp Queen


Poet Claudia Cortese talks about her new book Wasp Queen and Lucy, the rebellious 90s teen whose voice inspired the collection. ...more

The Day the FBI Tapped Our Phones


I held an image in my mind of my daughter and me in a small rowboat and I’m rowing, rowing, rowing as hard as I can, away from this sinking ship. ...more

The Rumpus Poetry Book Club Chat with Adrian Matejka


Adrian Matejka discusses his new collection Map to the Stars, writing about poverty in contemporary poetry, and how racism maintains its place in our society. ...more

This Week in Indie Bookstores


The Wild Rumpus (no relation), a children’s bookstore in Minneapolis, was named the bookstore of the year by Publishers Weekly.

Minneapolis is also the third most literate city in the US, taking into account the number of bookstores per capita.


Sitting Pretty


With a flair for the both the juiciest and most humanizing parts of the story, Soraya Roberts over at Hazlitt pens a sweeping indictment of/love letter to John Hughes:

Thirty years on, however, we’ve dropped the rose-coloured glasses, and our response to realizing he sold us out to suburbia echoes Molly Ringwald’s response in Vanity Fair when he dropped her once she grew out of it.


The Rumpus Book Club Chat with Jensen Beach


The Rumpus Book Club chats with Jensen Beach about his short story collection Swallowed by the Cold, suburbia in Sweden, quiet racism, and writing a series of connected short stories. ...more

The Americans by David Roderick

Reviewed By

The Americans is no self-help book, no guide to suburban living. Rather, [it] offers all of us a chance to examine the places we make our homes, to remember what these places might mean in the context of American history, and to consider how they might shape American culture. ...more