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What to Read When You Need to Know about Korea


A list of books about Korea (both North and South) and by Koreans that Rumpus editors have read and enjoyed. ...more

When Marketing Trumps Truth


This is how gay-male-identifying, biological women become straight chicks. Investigative journalism morphs into emotional memoir. ...more

Writing to Legitimize the Self


To research her book Without You, There Is No Us, Suki Kim worked undercover as an ESL teacher in North Korea. Kim was reluctant to call the work a memoir, believing that to do so “trivialized” her investigative reporting. The result was a backlash from critics, who called her undercover methods “dishonest.” At The New Republic, Kim responds to her critics:

Here I am telling my story to you, the reader, essentially to beg for acknowledgment: I am an investigative journalist, please take me seriously. 


The Rumpus Interview with Suki Kim


Suki Kim discusses her new memoir, Without You, There Is No Us, going undercover for research, growing up as an immigrant to the U.S., and spending six months trapped in North Korea. ...more