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Kamden Hilliard

The Saturday Rumpus Interview: Kamden Hilliard


Survival is not always cute, politically responsible, mature, or sober. Survival is ramshackle, as is tolerance. ...more

The Rumpus Review of The Revenant


On its surface, The Revenant is a story about revenge and survival. On a deeper level, it’s about how those two motivations factor into a generational battle between the (God-like) forces of nature and industry—a sort of perverted Armageddon. ...more

Drinking the Seagull


At the end of his first day on the raft, as the light dwindled to nothing and the chill of night settled around him, did he close his eyes and wish for sleep, wish for dreaming, wish to somehow be transported home to his family, or at least away from the open sea? ...more