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Christmas in the Heart

Swinging Modern Sounds #63: It’s Supposed to Be Bad


Rick Moody emails with Scott Timberg, author of the new book Culture Crash: The Killing of the Creative Class, about Bob Dylan's new Sinatra covers album, the need for cultural gatekeepers, and the "slippery sub genre" of bad-on-purpose art. ...more

femme fatale

The Saturday Rumpus Essay: Falling For The Femme Fatale


If power is going to shift toward equality, men have to see power less as an inherent right and more as something we can be incentivized to relinquish. ...more

Sometimes It’s Okay to Read the Comments


It’s a truism among people who spend a lot of time online that you should never, under any circumstances, read the comments—especially not YouTube comments.

But when writer Mark Slutsky broke that rule, he found unexpected flashes of genuine emotion hidden in the cesspool of racial slurs and semiliterate rantings—memories of a deceased friend under a James Blunt song, for example, or a tribute to a young cancer survivor under her favorite Taylor Swift tune.