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The Rumpus Interview with Thaisa Frank


The place was called the Library Bar, but there weren't many books and there were no drinks at that hour. So we had to sit there bookless and drinkless. It was awkward in a fabulous way. The whole thing felt like a Thaisa Frank story—the event seemed to float above reality as we talked about things like the insanity of writing a book... ...more

Here Are Some Stories Seth Likes


Here’s a few very short stories for your Monday morning:

“When a door opens and you can’t see who’s coming, it’s almost always a cat that would like to be your lover.” — At BLIP MAGAZINE, “The Cat Lover” by Thaisa Frank. 

“We sweet-lipped drag queens for clean sheets.” — At The Collagist, “And Then We Were Happy” by T Kira Madden. 

“She shakes her head and says, “I don’t drink.” She did years ago.