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Biblical Narratives Revisited


“Philip Esler’s book seeks to probe the mindset of ancient Israelite readers, to uncover their cultural presuppositions and to reveal the patriarchal, patrilocal and patrilinear structures in which their narratives make sense.”

Esler’s Sex, Wives, and Warriors: Reading Biblical Narrative with its Ancient Audience walks us through a number of the Bible’s dramatic stories, highlighting how the tales reflect the “seven basic plots common to all world literature.”

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The Rumpus Sunday Book Blog Roundup


Who doesn’t like bookplate porn? (via)

The Rumpus doesn’t do pop culture, but if you happen to have written something about Lady Gaga, you might want to send it here. (PS. GIANT doesn’t lie. Kate Durbin is awesome.)

Apparently, this Orange Prize judge thinks women — at least the women nominated for the Orange Prize — write too much “misery lit.”

Which is more violent — The Bible or the Quran?