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Swinging Modern Sounds #77: People Give Me Things, Part One


[T]he thing about receiving music from other people is this: there is always some grace associated with the transaction. ...more

The Rumpus Interview with Amy Fusselman


Amy Fusselman discusses her latest memoir/manifesto/philosophical treatise Savage Park, the rise of a new kind of nonfiction, and what kind of art “discombobulates her and makes her scream.” ...more

Where to Shelve Scripture?


At the New Yorker, Rollo Romig examines the unique position of scripture as literary genre through the lens of history, and with the help of Avi Steinberg’s recent nonfiction title The Lost Book of Mormon. Romig moves through a line of (relatively) recent cases when new scriptures have been introduced, mostly in the US, and attempts to figure them into the larger picture of contemporary belief.