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Notable Chicago 10/27–11/2


Sunday 10/27: Every week, you’re invited to join poets and spectators alike for the Uptown Poetry Slam. This is where slam poetry began and where it continues to grow. 7 PM, $6, The Green Mill.

Monday 10/28: If you’ve been working on a piece to be read aloud, may I suggest stopping by Do Not Submit?


The Rumpus Interview with Elizabeth Gilbert


This is how I think of it: there’s a contract between you and the mystery. And the mystery is the thing that brings life to the work. But your part of the contract is that you have to be the plow mule, or the mystery won’t show up. It might not even show up if you do your work. There’s no guarantee. ...more

The Finest Wife


When Rose was sixteen years old and five months pregnant, she won a beauty pageant in South Texas, based on her fine walk up a runway in a sweet navy-blue bathing suit. This was shortly before the war. She had been a skinny, knee-scratching kid only the summer earlier, but her pregnancy had just delivered her this sudden prize of a body. ...more