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What to Read When You Want to Celebrate Black History


Rumpus editors share for their favorite writing that speaks to black history, past and present. ...more

What to Read When You Want Fire and Fury


Rumpus editors share a list of books by writers of color and women that bring fire, fury, and sometimes, both. ...more

What to Read When You Want to Make America Great Again


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The Rumpus Poetry Book Club Chat with Nikki Wallschlaeger


Nikki Wallschlaeger discusses her new collection Crawlspace, why she chose to work with the sonnet form, and how segregation in American never ended. ...more

The Rumpus Interview with Emily Raboteau


Emily Raboteau discusses her essay, “Know Your Rights!” from the collection, The Fire This Time, what she loves about motherhood, and why it’s time for White America to get uncomfortable. ...more

Violent Code


Poet Safiya Sinclair, author of Cannibal, takes part in the Kenyon Review Conversation series with insight into race in America from a Jamaican’s point of view. Living in a white academic bubble in Charlottesville, VA, immersing herself in slavery-era texts and James Baldwin, she describes how she discovered the ways racism is reduced to the symbolic and coded into language—“hidden in plain sight.” “For example:” she says, “Why is the name ‘killer bee’ interchangeable with ‘Africanized bee’?… coded language makes its way into our vernacular, often shielded under the unimpeachable banner of science.”