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What I’ll Tell My Children: On Being ‘F***Able’ under the Regime of President-elect


It’s time to take responsibility for compliancy. ...more

The Rumpus Interview with Elisa Gabbert


Author Elisa Gabbert talks about her books, The Self Unstable and The French Exit, diversity, publishing, whiteness, and writing in the Internet Age. ...more

How to Buy Heidi Julavits’s Self on eBay


Author Heidi Julavits’s predominant self is hiding inside this matryoshka doll.

Over at the Paris Review, in an interview with Leanne Shapton, Julavits answers each question with an eBay auction listing. What listing would you choose to answer the query, “What sort of highly valuable or beloved object would you feed to a shark to save your life?” Hopefully not your copy of Women in Clothes, coedited by Shapton, Julavits, and Sheila Heti.