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The Rumpus Mini-Interview Project #112: Roz Chast


" I think when you really love something, you notice the minutiae. It’s partly how you make something your own." ...more

The Rumpus Interview with Anuk Arudpragasam


Anuk Arudpragasm discusses his debut novel The Story of a Brief Marriage, the bombing of civilians during the war in Sri Lanka, documenting war crimes, and powerful Tamil women. ...more

The “Wow” Factor


For The Millions, editor Gerald Howard reflects on his search for manuscripts that “wow.” In addition, Howard explains how books like Thomas Mann’s The Magic Mountain helped to cultivate his interest in publishing, and explores how the subject matter of literature has changed over time:

We’ve traveled a long, long way from the storied four-decade publishing association of Alfred Knopf with Thomas Mann, nostalgia for which is a fairly useless emotion in our Godzilla vs.