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What to Read When Your Workplace Is Full of Drama


In honor of the World's Worst Boss, we've put together a list of books full of workplace drama for you to read while we wait to see if we can get that orange guy fired. ...more

Waiting for Wallace


Despite its “near-canonical” status in America, David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest is taking its sweet time in the translation process. So far, it has only been translated into five other languages. At Lit Hub, Scott Esposito spoke to writers and translators to get a feel for how non-English-speaking readers have received Wallace’s opus.


Boredom as Religious Experience: David Foster Wallace’s The Pale King


Reviewing The Pale King is a difficult process, for a number of reasons. The most obvious of which include that it is a last novel (though we wish it weren’t) whose author isn’t alive to see its publication (though we wish that weren’t true) and it is an unfinished novel, whose author’s own intended shape is unknown. ...more