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Baltimore, Offline


Social media’s role in all this is especially strange in that it makes people feel obligated to speak out, whether they’ve thought hard about their place in the discourse or not. ...more

Anna March’s Reading Mixtape #23: Plays to Devour on the Page and the Stage


Of course it’s tremendous to see a play on stage, but reading a play, its script, is a pleasure in its own right. I think for many of us the notion of reading plays was ruined in high school, what with the dreadful, hackneyed line-by-line dissection of Romeo and Juliet and Our Town led by an uninspired instructor.


The Rumpus Book Club Chat with Mark Leyner


Mark Leyner on his new book Gone with the Mind, pressuring the novel form, being a purist Dionysian, and artisanal pap smears. ...more

The Rumpus Interview with Daniel Alarcón


Daniel Alarcón talks about his latest novel, At Night We Walk in Circles, drawing inspiration from Bolaño and Chekhov, the writer's place of privilege, and the questions that arise from an imagined life that easily could have been. ...more