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An Ethnography of the Self: Talking with Morgan Parker


Morgan Parker discusses her writing process, approaching an idea from various forms, and how moving from NYC to L.A. has changed her work. ...more

The Causality Runs Both Ways: A Conversation with Joshua Clover


Joshua Clover discusses his book Riot.Strike.Riot, mediating between individual agency and structural determination, and finding hope in student action. ...more

Sorry, Who?


Pop culture has been a steadfast element of public life for a while, but it feels like lately there’s even more pressure to keep up with a certain caché of writers, movies, TV shows, artists, and events. At The Hairpin, Rosa Lyster turns this impulse on its head and gives us an out with the Žižek game:

This is the beating heart of the Žižek Game: the disbelief that something you care about has failed to register on the consciousness of another.