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The Rumpus Book Club Chat with Damian Duffy and John Jennings


Damian Duffy and John Jennings discuss their new graphic novel adaptation of Octavia Butler's classic novel Kindred. ...more

An Ultimate Illustrated Fantasy Guide of Gilmore Girls Mashups


HOW AWESOME WOULD THESE MASHUPS BE? Oh well. Maybe next year. ...more

The Rumpus interview with Jeremy P. Bushnell


Jeremy P. Bushnell discusses his new novel, The Insides, themes of consent, and designing a post-apocalyptic board game. ...more

This Week in Short Fiction


For a story in a different medium this week, check out Amber Sparks’s “Thirteen Ways to Destroy a Painting” from this year’s The Unfinished World—adapted to a radio play. It’s brought to your ears by NPR’s truly excellent storytelling podcast Snap Judgment and read by Thao Nguyen of the San Francisco-based folk-rock group Thao and The Get Down Stay Down.


The Rumpus Interview with William Gibson


Legendary technomodernist William Gibson, author of Neuromancer, talks about his latest book, The Peripheral, predicting the future, and how writing about Silicon Valley today feels like his early work. ...more

The Rumpus Interview with Etgar Keret


Writer Etgar Keret talks about his new memoir The Seven Good Years, the early criticism he faced as a writer, and the surreal that is always waiting. ...more