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What to Read When You Are a Nasty Woman


A list from Kate Harding and Samhita Mukhopadhyay to celebrate the release of Nasty Women: Feminism, Resistance, and Revolution in Trump's America. ...more

Ethos of the Era


The Atlantic ruminates on how Cheryl Strayed‘s espousal of “motherfuck-itude,” self-reliance, and radical empathy is especially relevant in our post-recession era.

“Strayed’s path—hauling her needed possessions on her back down a free trail in Wild, or her gospel of ‘nobody is going to give you a thing’ in Tiny Beautiful Things—is one in which any reader, regardless of income bracket, can find purchase… To the many people who are struggling with underemployment and debt, Strayed’s advice through her Sugar persona on how to move through the day is a solace: ‘The unifying theme is resilience and faith.